Cucumber juice recipe | how to make homemade cucumber juice

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how to make homemade cucumber juice recipe to learn from Recpye.

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Cucumber juice recipe

Today i will show you two methods of making cucumber juice.

One method:

Cucumber or cucumber salad in extreme heat satisfies both our fatigue and satiety.  In addition to eliminating digestive problems, cucumber is also very beneficial for our skin.  Not just salads, cucumber juice is a delicious drink.  After fasting all day, it will help our body to stay strong.  But let’s make healthy delicious cucumber juice for Iftar today.

Cucumber juice recipe Ingredients:

1.  1 cup of crushed cucumber 2. 

2 cups of water 

3.  2 tablespoons mint leaves 

4.  1 finely chopped green chilli 

5.  Half a teaspoon of bit salt 

6.  Salt to taste 

7.  Slight green food coloring (if desired) 

8.  1 tablespoon of lemon juice

Make cucumber juice recipe: 

Blend all the ingredients well with a blender.  Then sip in a glass and serve with ice cubes. Delicious cucumber juice.

Second Steps:

Cucumber juice recipe Ingredients:

2 Cucumber
6 Table spoons Sugar
2 tablespoons Lemon juice
To taste Bit salt
1/2 teaspoon Stir in dried cumin seeds, black pepper powder

Make cucumber juice recipe: 

1.Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice.
2.Mix cucumber pieces, bit salt, lemon juice and sugar in a mixer and make a paste.
3.Now mix 2 glasses of cold water in the fridge and mix it with fried cumin and black pepper powder.
4.Sift through a sieve. When serving, spread a little of the fried spices on top.

Why eat cucumber juice?

We like to eat cucumber all year round as it is healthy and readily available.  Cucumber is considered to be a very beneficial vegetable as it contains a lot of water, vitamin K, silica, vitamin A, C and chlorophyll.  It can be eaten raw and cooked as well as as a juice for nutrition.  Regular consumption of cucumber juice increases the body’s resistance to disease and reduces the risk of gallstones. 

Keeps the body moist 

Drinking a glass of cucumber juice every day removes toxins from the body.  Cucumber has a lot of water which helps to keep the body moist. 

Prevents cancer 

Regular consumption of healthy juice reduces the risk of serious cancer.  Cucumbers contain laricirecinol, pinoricinol and secoiso laricirecinol, which reduce the risk of various types of cancer. 

To lose weight

Cucumber juice is great for those who want to lose weight.  It is low in calories and has plenty of water, which can reduce excess fat. 

Digestion is good 

Cucumber juice relieves constipation as it contains dietary fiber and plenty of water.  Helps in digestion by removing toxins from the digestive tract.