watermelon juice recipe | Homemade Watermelon Juice

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Today you can learn from our Recipye how to make Watermelon juice very easily.


watermelon juice recipe

Watermelon is one of the hot fruits. In this intense heat, this fruit of Rose Taitumbur not only helps to enliven our souls, it has many benefits. Watermelon is rich in nutrients so you can keep it on your food list. If you want, you can easily make delicious juice with watermelon. Let’s not know-

Ingredients Of Watermelon juice

2 cups watermelon pieces, 2 cups ice cubes, a little bit of beetle salt, a little lemon juice, a few mint leaves, the amount of sugar.

How to make watermelon juice recipe

First peel the watermelon and discard the seeds. Now cut into small pieces. In a blender, blend the chopped watermelon, bit of salt, lemon juice, a few mint leaves and sugar. Now strain it through a sieve. Now pour it in a glass with ice cubes and arrange it on the table and serve.

Benefits of watermelon juice

Prevents asthma
According to experts, free radicals in the body are responsible for asthma. Some anti-oxidants, including vitamin C, may play a role in preventing asthma, experts say. In this case, the vitamin C and antioxidants in watermelon are beneficial.

Lowers blood pressure
A 2012 study found that watermelon lowers blood pressure in middle-aged people with obesity or hypertension. Researchers say that watermelon contains two types of antioxidants, L-citrolin and L-arginine, which keep blood vessels active. Another anti-oxidant called lycopene in watermelon reduces the risk of heart disease.recipe

Prevents cancer
According to the National Cancer Institute of America, free radicals can cause several types of cancer in the body. In this case, the antioxidant like vitamin C in watermelon fights against free radicals and prevents cancer.

Beneficial for digestion
Watermelon contains a lot of water, as well as fiber. So watermelon relieves constipation and keeps bowel movement right.

Meets water shortage
Watermelon contains about 90% water and contains electrons like potassium.